Kamath Transformers Pvt Ltd.



     Consistent performance in tough environment conditions such as extreme temperatures, atmospheric pollution, and has proved the reliability of “Lakshmi ” Brand Transformers over the years.

    Distribution &Power Transformers: IS : 2026 & IEC : 60076

    The company is capable of manufacturing transformers to any other standards as per customers / consultants requirement.


    • Rating: Upto 50000 kVA

    • Voltage Class: Upto 132 kV

    • Frequency: / Hz or as per requirement

    • Tap Types: OFTC / OLTC

    • Temperature Rise: 50deg C in Oil and 55 deg C in Winding or as per requirement

    • Vector Group: DYn11 or as per requirement

Salient Features

    Oil Filling through Oil Impregnation procedure (Adapted generally for EHV transformer). It leads to enhanced life.

    Mineral Oil or Silicone Oil or as per requirement

    Electrolytic Grade Copper winding

    Low loss CRGO Silicon steel for core

    Step lap construction & metered joints for core

    Designed for extreme system supply variations and ambient temperature

    Losses as per star rating (if required) as per BEE

    Low Power Loss and Low Noise

Dry Type Transformers –VPI

Specification as per IS11171

    • Rating up to 3000kVA 11kV OFTC/OLTC

    • Insulation Class F or H

    • Protection Class IP 23

    • As per customer requirement

Special Transformers

    • Convertor/Rectifier Duty Transformers 6 pulse or 12 pulse

    • Furnace duty Transformers

    • Auto transformers

    • Earthing Transformers

    • As per customer requirement


    • Power generation

    • Power transmission

    • Power distribution

    • Enterprise loads

Advantage Kamath:

    • Proven history of quality Power Transformers manufacturing

    • External OLTC upto 66 kV, internal OLTC for 66 kV & above

    • Volume manufacturing

    • In house design & engineering expertise

    • Fast lead times

    • Meets IEC / ANSI / BS standards

Accessories - Standard Fittings:

    • Rating & diagram plate

    • Lifting lugs

    • Off circuit / On load tap changer

    • Earthing terminals

    • Thermometer pocket

    • Pressurerelief valve/Explosion Kit

    • Inspection cover

    • Oil level indicator

    • Drain cum sampling valve

    • Filter valve

    • Air release plug

    • Silica gel breather

    • Conservator with drain valve

    • Rollers

Accessories-Optional Fittings:

    • Oil temperature indicators with trip and alarm control

    • Winding temperature indicators with trip and alarm control

    • Buchholz relay

    • Pressure relief valve

    • MV/HV cable box/bus duct flange

    • Magnetic oil level gauge

    • Magnetic Oil level gauge

To Quote Following Technical Information to be furnished:

    • Rating: ------------ kVA

    • Voltage Class: ---- kV

    • Frequency:-------- Hz

    • Tapping Range -------- / --------

    • (Off circuit tap changer/ On load tap change)

    • Temperature Rise: ----deg C in Oil and ---- deg C in Winding or as per requirement

    • Vector Group: ------ or as per requirement

    • Cooling: Oil/ Dry (ONAN/AN)

    • LOSSES: NLL : ------- WATTS

    • LOSSES: LL : ------- WATTS

    • IMPEDENCE(z): ----- %


Routine Test: As per IS 2026-1977 Re affirmed 2006.

    • Measurement of winding Resistance.

    • Measurement of Insulation Resistance.

    • Measurement of vector Group relationship and polarity test.

    • Measurement of Ratio test.

    • Measurement of short circuit impendence and load loss.

    • Separate source withstand voltage test or Power frequency voltage withstand test.

    • Induced over voltage test or double voltage double frequency test.

    • Measurement of No load loss and no load current.

    • Oil Break down voltage test.

    • Magnetic Balance test.

Type Test:

    • Impulse voltage withstand test

    • Dynamic Ability short circuit withstand test

    • Temperature rise test

    • Measurement of Acoustic noise level

    • Measurement of the harmonics of the no-load current

    • Measurement of Capacitance and Tan delta determine Capacitance between winding and Earth

    • Please contact us for Power Transformers up to 50MVA 132KV class with detailed specification.